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Finally sleep through the night again

SchnarchFrei is (will be) the first digital health application (DiGA) for the treatment of breathing-related sleep disorders.

As a prescription app, SchnarchFrei can be prescribed by doctors and psychotherapists. All statutory and many private health insurance companies cover the costs.

CE-compliant medical device

Data privacy & security

TÜV certified

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Technical Information

Minimum requirements for installing the SchnarchFrei App:

  • iOS 14.1 or higher (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Android 10.0 or higher (Smartphone, Tablet)

To download the app, your mobile device needs 70 MB of free storage; the entire training requires about 500 MB. To ensure the security of the app, using the SchnarchFrei App on devices with Jailbreak is not allowed.

Latest App Updates

  • iOS: Version 1.0.* – February 2024
  • Android: Version 1.0.* – February 2024

CE-compliant medical device

Data privacy & security

TÜV certified

Everyone knows someone who snores.