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The App

The SchnarchFrei App The SchnarchFrei App includes 48 logopedic exercises, which are presented and explained through videos with subtitles and written descriptions to guide their correct execution.

The SchnarchFrei Algorithm generates a personalized training program every day consisting of 4 exercises totaling 10 minutes.

After each training session, you receive interesting information comprising medical knowledge, useful tips and tricks for healthy sleep, general health information, selected articles and audiobooks, as well as helpful relaxation and sleep aid meditations.

All these available contents are freely accessible to you in the app.

During the exercises, you will see:

  • Exercise objective: Coordination or muscle strength
  • Type of exercise: Movement or holding exercise
  • Anatomical area targeted by the respective exercise: Lips, front tongue, back tongue, throat / pharynx
  • Specific instructions for precise execution
  • Whether and which utensil is needed for the exercise
  • Exercise description as text
  • Exercise in video with subtitles and sound
  • Information and notes on safe application
  • Your training time.

If you don’t have any utensils at hand, you can disable the respective utensils for the current day in the settings, and you will be suggested 4 new exercises without utensils.

For each exercise, there is a minimum time, a recommended average time, and a maximum time. It is up to you to decide which of the 3 time levels you choose. However, if you stay below the minimum time, the exercise for that day will be considered “not completed” and will need to be restarted.

The target times are represented by 3 icons:

Minimum TimeRecommended TimeExcellent Time

Your training day is completed when you have completed at least 3 out of 4 exercises in the respective minimum time. Your daily rating is also symbolized with the 3 icons in the calendar overview.

Rate your training

At the end of each exercise, you will be asked to rate the exercise. Through this feedback, the SchnarchFrei Algorithm can create your personalized exercise program daily. This ensures an optimal mix of difficult and easy exercises. The goal of exercise evaluation is to make all exercises as “easy” as possible in the long run, thus achieving your training progress.

Technical Information

Minimum requirements for installing the SchnarchFrei App:

  • iOS 14.1 or higher (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Android 10.0 or higher (Smartphone, Tablet)

To download the app, your mobile device needs 70 MB of free storage; the entire training requires about 500 MB. To ensure the security of the app, using the SchnarchFrei App on devices with Jailbreak is not allowed.

Latest App Updates

  • iOS: Version 1.0.* – February 2024
  • Android: Version 1.0.* – February 2024

App Download

Please note that you need a prescription- or license-code to activate the app.

CE-compliant medical device

Data privacy & security

TÜV certified

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