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The SchnarchFrei therapy lasts a minimum of 3 months, with a recommendation of 5 sessions per week for sustainable success. Initial positive effects, such as reduced snoring or improved breathing during sleep, are generally observed after this period. Long-term, regular training is advised to maintain these improvements.

Ensure you have these utensils ready before you start the exercise program: gummy bears, a source of scent (e.g., essential oil), glass, bitter substance, large white wafer (⌀ 40 cm), bottle cork, toothbrush, drinking straw, thin (⌀ 3 mm), wooden spatula (or toothbrush), plastic water bottle, and balloon.

Bitter substances: coffee, green tea, grapefruit, pomegranate, coriander, ginger, clove, herbal liqueur, digestive bitters, etc., or you can go to a health food store and simply buy bitter drops.

In the first week of your training, you only need utensils you might have at home; afterwards, your UtilityPack should have arrived.

Prescribing a DiGA is primarily possible through statutory health insurance. We recommend that privately insured individuals contact their insurance company, as costs are often covered on a goodwill basis. Billing with private health insurances varies greatly.

A prescription app is a Digital Health Application (DiGA) that doctors and psychotherapists can prescribe. The costs are covered by all statutory health insurances for relevant diagnoses. Further information can be found in the BfArM directory for DiGAs.

There are two ways to apply for health apps in Germany:

  1. If you have complaints or an existing indication, visit a doctor or psychotherapist. With the appropriate diagnosis, you can get a prescription for the DiGA.
  2. If you already have medical evidence, you can directly contact your health insurance and apply for a DiGA.

Not yet. As of March 2024, the SchnarchFrei therapy is in the approval process according to DIGAV at the BfArM.

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Of course, it’s important to pay attention to your own well-being. If you feel uncomfortable during training, whether due to muscle soreness or similar reasons, don’t hesitate to take a short break.

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