Company Name

Snore Free GmbH

Business Purpose

Development and operation of digital business models including the production and trade of medical products, limited to medical device software

Registered Office and Address

Josefstädterstrasse 82/7/140, 1080 Vienna – Austria

Contact Details

Fone: +43 676 4760299

Managing Director

Sigismund Gänger

Commercial Register Court

Commercial Court Vienna

Commercial Register Number

FN 489833v

Competent Professional Association


Supervisory Authority

BASG – Bundesamt für Sicherheit im Gesundheitswesen

Applicable Legal Provisions and Access

Trade regulations



Product information

The SchnarchFrei system

is a combination of the SchnarchFrei app and the SchnarchFrei UtilityPack (kit of utensils). The SchnarchFrei therapy is conducted through the app and uses accessories that are proven in speech therapy, which are provided in a separate package.

Medical Purpose

The SchnarchFrei System is intended for myofunctional therapy of pharyngeal insufficiency (organic tissue weakness in the mouth-throat-pharynx area) as an important cause of snoring (rhonchopathy) and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) for patients aged 18 and over.

Intended Use

The SchnarchFrei Therapy is designed to be used by medical laypersons in a non-clinical setting, e.g., at home. The software is suitable for patients aged 18 and over.

Proof of Efficacy

Proof of efficacy is a prerequisite for listing a digital health application (DiGA) in the directory of the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM). SchnarchFrei demonstrated efficacy in a controlled randomized trial. Show results

Unique Device Identifier

UDI (01)04170000085836(8012)

Actor identification Eudamed


CE labeling

The SchnarchFrei therapy app is an approved Class I medical device.

Data Protection Information

See privacy policy

Instructions for Use

See instructions for use

Information Security Policy

Information security is at the core of our company! Read our information security policy here: Informationssicherheitspolitik

Sources of Medical Content

This list offers an insight into research and guidelines on snoring and sleep apnea, including S3 guidelines, literature, and clinical studies. It highlights diagnostics, therapy, and the latest treatment approaches, an important resource for professionals and those affected.

Sources of Medical Content

Report of Pilotstudy 2023

Information on Interoperability

Here you will find a detailed specification for data exchange in health applications, based on the medical data structure according to MIO DiGA Toolkit 1.0.0: PDF Download

Image Sources

  • Snore Free GmbH
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  • Pixabay

Technical Information

Minimum requirements for installing the SchnarchFrei App:

  • iOS 14.1 or higher (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)
  • Android 10.0 or higher (Smartphone, Tablet)

To download the app, your mobile device needs 70 MB of free storage; the entire training requires about 500 MB. To ensure the security of the app, using the SchnarchFrei App on devices with Jailbreak is not allowed.

Latest App Updates

  • iOS: Version 1.0.* – February 2024
  • Android: Version 1.0.* – February 2024

CE-compliant medical device

Data privacy & security

TÜV certified

Everyone knows someone who snores.