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What is SchnarchFrei?

SchnarchFrei is a digital application designed to reduce breathing-related sleep disturbances. Our app offers a training system tailored for snoring and OSAS.

How does SchnarchFrei help me?

The root cause of snoring and apneas is almost always a weakness in the muscles of the throat and neck area, with the tissue relaxing in sleep and narrowing or blocking the airway.

The SchnarchFrei system

is a combination of the SchnarchFrei app and the SchnarchFrei UtilityPack. The SchnarchFrei therapy is conducted through the app and uses accessories that are proven in speech therapy, which are provided in a separate package, the UtilityPack.

What does SchnarchFrei offer?

SchnarchFrei offers 48 easy-to-follow video exercises within a guided 4-level training plan, personalized for optimal results. The app combines a simple dashboard, daily reminders, vivid animations, calming meditations, and helpful tips for better sleep and health.

Your SchnarchFrei UtilityPack

To make your training easier, the essential speech therapy utensils you need are compiled in the SchnarchFrei UtilityPack. With every redeemed prescription or license code, you receive a UtilityPack for free.

Who is SchnarchFrei suitable for?

SchnarchFrei is designed for individuals experiencing Rhonchopathy, UARS, or OSAS, as classified by ICD-10 codes R06.5, R06.83, G47.8, and G47.31. It is advisable to undergo a medical assessment for any contraindications and underlying causes before starting. For specifics on contraindications, please refer to the instruction manual.

What do I need to use SchnarchFrei?

To gain access to the SchnarchFrei therapy, you need a digital prescription code or a license code. With this, you can use the app for 90 days. There are no subscriptions and no in-app payment options in the SchnarchFrei app.

How long does SchnarchFrei therapy take?

Train on a regular basis! The SchnarchFrei therapy lasts a minimum of 3 months, with a recommendation of 5 sessions per week for sustainable success. Initial positive effects, such as reduced snoring or improved breathing during sleep, are generally observed after this period. Long-term, regular training is advised to maintain these improvements.

Medical Purpose

The SchnarchFrei System is intended for myofunctional therapy of pharyngeal insufficiency (organic tissue weakness in the mouth-throat-pharynx area) as an important cause of snoring (rhonchopathy) and obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) for patients aged 18 and over.

Intended Use

The SchnarchFrei Therapy is designed to be used by medical laypersons in a non-clinical setting, e.g., at home. The software is suitable for patients aged 18 and over.

About your health

In addition to using this app and before making any medical decisions, seek the advice of a doctor. SchnarchFrei is not an independent diagnostic tool and does not determine the presence or absence of a clinical diagnosis. Please take the time to read the app’s instruction manual in advance.

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