The exercise timer is not working?

Android: Please deactivate “Remove animations” in the system settings of your smartphone under Accessibility > Color and motion > “Remove an…

How long does SnoreFree therapy take?

The SchnarchFrei therapy lasts a minimum of 3 months, with a recommendation of 5 sessions per week for sustainable success. Initial positive…

Is SchnarchFrei a DiGA?

Not yet. As of March 2024, the SchnarchFrei therapy is in the approval process according to DIGAV at the BfArM….

What utensils do I need for the training?

Ensure you have these utensils ready before you start the exercise program: gummy bears, a source of scent (e.g., essential oil), glass, bit…

Can self-payers/private insured individuals get a DiGA?

Prescribing a DiGA is primarily possible through statutory health insurance. We recommend that privately insured individuals contact their i…

How do I get a DiGA?

There are two ways to apply for health apps in Germany:…

What is a DiGA?

A prescription app is a Digital Health Application (DiGA) that doctors and psychotherapists can prescribe. The costs are covered by all stat…

I’m not receiving my 6-digit code via email?

Please check your entries for typos and look in your spam folder….

Do you need a break?

Of course, it’s important to pay attention to your own well-being. If you feel uncomfortable during training, whether due to muscle so…

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