General Product Description

General Product Description

The SchnarchFrei System is a combination of:

  • The SchnarchFrei App
  • The SchnarchFrei UtilityPack (utensil package)

The SchnarchFrei Therapy is conducted through an exercise plan from the app. For about 1/3 of the exercises, the user needs logopedically proven utensils as accessories, which are provided in a separate package. For the sake of user compliance, these utensils can be ordered free of charge from ATC Handels GmbH in Germany as part of the DiGA onboarding process.

The SchnarchFrei App is a digital training program that strengthens and tightens the muscle structure in the mouth-throat-pharynx area, stabilizing the upper airway (pharyngeal tract) during sleep so it doesn’t slacken and the airflow remains continuously open. Cardinal symptoms for sleep-related breathing disorders are snoring sounds and apneas, which in turn can lead to daytime sleepiness, decreased alertness, microsleep, concentration weaknesses, attention deficits, general performance losses, and mental-cognitive failures (concentration weakness, thinking & memory skills). The SnoreFree program improves the breathing situation during sleep and enhances sleep quality.

The SchnarchFrei training program contains 48 validated logopedic exercises, shown to the patient in video form, guiding them through the execution of the exercises. Every day, the user receives a personalized training program of 4 exercises, which they should perform for 10-15 minutes daily.

The training is based on scientific principles and findings: the effect of oropharyngeal exercises on snoring, nocturnal airway obstructions, and sleep breathing has been demonstrated worldwide in several clinical studies.

Additionally, the app contains important information on:

  • Anatomy and structure of the ENT tract
  • Origins of snoring
  • Physiology of sleep, sleep medicine
  • Sleep hygiene
  • Information on snoring prevention
  • Extensive tips & tricks for healthy sleep
  • Sleep diary Moreover, the SchnarchFrei App offers relaxing meditations to aid in falling asleep.

The foundation of the SchnarchFrei training is the myofunctional therapy from speech therapy, developed and successfully applied by the Viennese speech therapist Dario Lindes since 2008 in his therapeutic practice to numerous snoring and sleep apnea patients.

The medical software SchnarchFrei represents the digital implementation of this logopedic therapy approach.

The scientific validity of the myofunctional therapy for snoring patients was demonstrated in the clinical evaluation based on 10 articles, some of which are meta-analyses of existing literature.

CE-compliant medical device

Data privacy & security

TÜV certified

Everyone knows someone who snores.